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Prodeliver Analytics is a black owned South African firm that offers consulting services dedicated to Data Science, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools and techniques to align itself with the philosophy of the 4th industrial revolution.

Our consulting services primarily focus on advanced analytics in the private and public sectors. We offer expertise in the use of mathematical and statistical modelling in the areas of machine learning, predictive analytics, robotics, digital services, risk management and big data analysis.

Our expertise range in the following

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Advanced Analytics through the use of mathematical modelling, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics
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Business intelligence, big data technologies and big data analysis
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Software development, API’s, design, development and implementation of cloud based applications
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Mining, logistics, finance and telecommunication
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Our primary goal is to provide you with the highest quality of service, rendering it efficiently & effectively.

NYADZENI MAKHADO — Managing Director

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Simplifying complex data and information.
Using structured information from artificial intelligence, you can find the answers to any question easily.
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No limitations to the extent of the analytics.
No matter if you're experienced user or new to Prodeliver Analytics - you'll get best support and efficient recommendations.
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New generation technology
Clients with any experience can easily obtain structured feedback, options and informative tooltips.
The importance of artificial intelligence — 6:14 min.
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The future is now
What is the importance
of artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, which are designed and programmed to think and act like humans. AI has become an important part of our daily lives.  Our lives are changed by AI because this technology is widely used in day-to-day services.

Augmenting human decision-making by installing sophisticated technologies
Data solutions for everyone
We are working hard to fulfill the concept of powerful and comprehensible analytics systems.
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Our primary services 
We offer a
variety of services tailored to your needs

Our consulting services primarily focus on advanced analytics in the private and public sectors. More and more data is generated, especially now with the help of IoT technologies – sensors embedded on vital equipment for real-time data collection. We help clients in these sectors to gain insight on their data, in real-time, which enables monitoring of every aspect of their operations to positively impact their performance, growing revenues and efficiency.

The combined experience of Prodeliver Analytics’ members, in mining and transportation, data analytics in industrial problems such as finance and telecommunications, and R&D in Machine Learning and Robotics, makes Prodeliver Analytics a strong provider of Advanced Analytics services in the mining and transportation sectors.

In the mining and logistics sectors, this includes developing machine learning models for automatic conditioning monitoring of vital equipment/components – detecting wear and tear without manual inspection, and machine learning models for predicting when to best perform equipment repairs and maintenance – improving the reliability and life-time of equipment. We help clients choose which data to analyse and consolidate these data across several sources.

Plenty of data already exists in these sectors, however proper digging and analysis of both structured and unstructured data is necessary to acquire deeper insights into customer behaviour, their service usage patterns, preferences, and interests in real-time. Within both sectors, customers’ consumption patterns evolve and data usage is booming; we have witnessed the adoption of multi-device usage and dual-sim devices in the telecommunication sector; and the financial sector is also faced with rapid challenges that are being led by the entrance of fin-tech companies and non-traditional companies that are now offering financial services products.

At Prodeliver Analytics, we help companies in these sectors to leverage advanced analytics to enhance customer experience, to drive commercial efficiencies throughout their entire value chain and to use data to fierce off competition.

Other value-added services 

How does it work?
With the advent of the industrial revolution and the gig economy, companies are now faced with projects that need to be executed on the go and most of these projects require highly skilled data scientists or they just have few data scientists to deliver the project immediately.

At Prodeliver Analytics we are happy for your company to hire a data scientist(s) at an hourly or weekly rate for the duration of the project. A data scientist that will meet your skills needs.

Get in touch with us and we will fit your project with the suitable data scientist that will enable you to deliver your project at the required time.

Our R&D team designs and prototypes highly-scalable solutions, and aims to be at the forefront of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the mining, logistics, financial and telecommunications industries. More specially, we focus on current real-world challenges from a multifaceted perspective using ML and AI to solve those challenges by identifying, implementing and predicting possible scenarios of the future. Our research team uses advanced research techniques to solve social challenges and apply optimization techniques to minimize and potential risks.

We have a team of innovative data and research scientists that recognise new opportunities and help companies build highly-scalable scientific solutions.

Our research team focuses on six pillars for research and innovation:

Automated Interactions/Intelligence (Robots, Bots, and Chatbots)
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Advanced Analytics (Visualisation, Modelling & Design, Analytics, Security & Privacy)
Internet of Things
Our research team will help your company to:

Identify research problems focusing on your company
Translate your company’s research questions or product requirements into actual solutions or products
Identify specific opportunities to leverage new data sources or systems to improve delivery and foster growth
Assess the validity and rigor of new data sources and approaches, establishing scalable frameworks for ongoing evaluation
Build cross-functional relationships with Product, Analytics and Engineering to shape long-term product roadmaps with a balance of technical rigor and strategic considerations
Help you accelerate your research projects by employing advanced machine learning and artificial learning approaches
Our aim is to collaborate with companies to identify research problems, innovation challenges in order to foster collaboration and solve those research problems.

The strategy

Efficiency and effectiveness

  • Our vision
    Our Vision is to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and services to better humanity.
  • Our mission
    Our Mission is to achieve our vision through excellent business with shareholders, employees, partners and clients. Our primary focus is to develop data analytics solutions that seek to reduce the cost of doing business and the cost of living.
  • Our key to success
    Our Key to success is in introducing AI, Data Science, Machine Learning and Transfer Learning tools to the private and public sectors.
  • Our values
    • Innovation • Quality • Consistency • Care • Responsibility
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Case Study

Our leadership team

Meet the brains behind the company



Nyadzeni was a Public Relations Officer (PRO) for a student mining society at Wits. After graduation, he joined AngloGold Ashanti Manager in Training (MIT) Program. While at Anglo, he got certificated with a Rock Breaking and Strata Control Officer certificates for metal mines. He then left Anglo as a Stopping Production Supervisor of 100 employees to run Prodeliver Group on fulltime basis. A company that is the overall winner of the 2018 ESKOM Business Investment Competition. He is a now a managing director of Prodeliver Analytics. He brings to the company market experience in both Logistics and Mining, as well as business experience in Southern African Development Community (SADC).

BSc Honors Min, Eng (Wits)

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Ndivhuwo is a robotics researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and a Visiting Lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the University of the Witwatersrand. He is working on developing AI and Machine Learning software for autonomous operation of robots in unstructured and dynamic environments. He has experience in using computers to ‘intelligently’ solve real-world challenges: specifically the cycle of modelling real-world problems mathematically; researching and applying suitable techniques (e.g., machine learning techniques), or deriving new ones when necessary, and turning them into algorithms and computer code; and finally using the code to interact with and solve the problems in the real world. He has presented his research work locally and internationally, including in Canada, Japan, South Korea and Australia. He is now the Chief Technology Officer of Prodeliver Analytics.

BSc Hons. Elec., Eng. (UCT, South Africa)

MSc Elec., Eng. (Robotics) (UCT, South Africa)

Ph.D Computational Intelligence and Systems Science (Robotics) (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

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